We would like to invite you to participate at the at 3rd NGP-NET symposium in Kosice. The common theme of the symposium is non-globular proteins (NGPs).

The high proportion of sequences for non-globular proteins (NGPs) in the genomes of all organisms studied to date argues for their importance, since there could be no other reason for their existence in the nature. NGPs have unique features associated with their non-globular construction and play important role in many vital functions - in cell cycle regulation, controlling of binding processes, targeting, signaling, forming hubs for complex protein-protein interactions and others. Moreover, they are also involved in molecular physiopathology of several human diseases.
Today, the characterization of the conformational propensities and function of the NGPs including intrinsically disordered regions, tandem repeats, aggregating domains, low-complexity sequences and transmembrane domains represents a major challenge as there is still a lot of unknown in this field.

The NGP-NET 2017 symposium will provide an opportunity for scientists interested in field of non-globular proteins to discuss the recent status, developments and future research in this scientific area. This meeting is organized in the framework of COST Action BM1405 (Non-globular Proteins in Molecular Physiopathology). It is hosted by two institutes of Slovak Academy of Sciences - Institute of Experimental Physics and Institute of Neuroimmunology.

It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate at the 3rd NGP-NET symposium.
We are looking forward to welcome you in Kosice!

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